Custom Website Design

Custom website made in Drupal 8 and identity manual for investment banking boutique company
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Goldberg | Alerhand Iconography

¿Qué hicimos para este cliente?

Identidad web


Desarrollo BackEnd

Identity Manual

Although the service they hired was the design & coding a web platform, we choose to develop a identity manual. Making a website a manual is really important, it gives orientation on how a site should look and feel; typography, design assets, iconography, color palette, etc. 

Goldberg Alerhand Identity Manual


Insights & Blog

One of the most important sections of the whole site is Insights section were GOAL members are able to add or manage interesting content, news, reports, opinions and more. 

Twitter connected

Each time a content is published on their website, a tweet is generated automatically  avoiding spending time and effort publishing the same information twice.

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Goldberg Alerhand Iconography
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Strong and effective iconography that enhances the understanding of the services provided by Goldberg & Alerhand. Matches the overall identity of the website with a serious yet simple design.