LAIV web app

Full-stack Drupal 8 development of web platform with quotation functionality
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Investigación de diseño

The project & main goal

LAIV is a digital platform enabling providers of events-related services -such as artists and entertainers- to offer their services online. Our goal was to automate most of their sales process by designing and coding a new and improved web platform.

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The process

Artists (refered as LAIV Talents)

  1. Create profiles
  2. Create LAIV projects detailing services offered 
  3. Wait for quotation requests
  4. Perform at client's venue and collect wages 



  1. Explore the platform
  2. Add quotations to their cart
  3. Waits for LAIV Talents' response
  4. Receive services and remunerates the talents
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Screenshots of webapp
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The result

The result was an appealing [UX and design-wise] semi-automated platform that covers the project's needs in its current phase.